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Who is Reynard?

We are a custom home design and project management firm committed to seeing clients' home built to their specific style, function and budget.


We take a holistic, hands approach with our clients to ensure all aspects of custom home design are brought together.  That includes architecture, interior design, landscape design, engineering, project management and per-construction consulting.

Reynard Custom Homes was founded in 2020 by three friends working together at an architecture firm together in Atlanta, GA. 

Kalyn Kight, Jack Baldwin, and James Knight each of them love seeing custom designed homes come to life for their clients.


They partnered together to provide a unique and enjoyable design experience for creative individuals who long to see their distinct vision for home become a reality.

Kalyn Kight - Reynard Architectural Designs

Kalyn Kight

Managing Partner and CFO


James Knight

Managing Partner and CTO

Jack Baldwin - Reynard Architectural Designs_edited.jpg

Jack Baldwin

Managing Partner and CEO

Service icons.jpg

Stephanie Boudreau

Home Designer

Alie Sutherland- Project Manager at Reynard Custom Homes

Alie Sutherland

Project Manager

Reynard Custom Homes mission statement. Custom home design

The Story Behind Our Name


... is the name of the main character in a literary cycle of medieval allegorical fables about an adventurous and curious fox.

Reynard Custom Homes custom home design firm

Because of the popularity of the European Reynard stories, over time the name (which means "strong in counsel") even came to be the standard French word for "fox" (renard).

The same spirit of the fox inhabits our design philosophy:


CURIOSITY is the essence of design and drives us to explore new ideas with our clients.


COUNSEL is an attitude of generosity and guidance that allows us to lead our clients from a place of wisdom and care.


ADVENTURE is what excites us, not ego or accolades. We love creating innovative dwelling places where life can flourish for many years to come.

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