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Designing and Building Her Dream Home w/ Reynard Custom Homes - Talking Rock , GA

Embarking on designing and building your dream home is a thrilling and rewarding experience. Marci Robinson, a client of⁠ ⁠Reynard⁠⁠, as she shares her experiences, challenges, and joys throughout the architectural design process. Join us in exploring the critical aspects of trust, teamwork, and the importance of embracing the design process.

Trust the Design Process:

Marci emphasizes the importance of trusting the design process. Acknowledging the overwhelming nature of home-building decisions, she highlights the significance of relying on a diverse design team. In an interview with Jack Baldwin from Reynard, Marci shares her initial doubts and the realization that owning every detail individually might be too much. Trusting the entire team became crucial to making the process work seamlessly.

Image of Marci's home under construction in Talking Rock, GA designed by Reynard Custom Homes.

The Power of a Diverse Design Team:

Reynard boasts a talented and diverse team, including James Knight and Kalyn Kight. Marci expresses her confidence in the team's ability to bring her vision to life. The collaborative effort of the design team resonates with the principle of designing with, not just for, the client. The trust built within the team allows for a smoother and more enjoyable design journey.

Architectural design images of Marci's home currently under construction as of February 2024. Designed by Reynard Custom Homes.

Choosing the Right Design Team:

Marci shares her journey of finding Reynard Custom Homes through an online search. The team's consistent appearance in search results and an interactive selection process led Marci and her daughter to discover a genuine connection with Reynard. Quick and enthusiastic responses from Jack Baldwin solidified their decision, showcasing the team's dedication and eagerness to embark on this exciting venture.

Meeting the Design Team:

The By Design podcast, hosted by Jack Baldwin, introduces the Reynard Custom Homes team and provides clients like Marci with a platform to share their experiences. The podcast features open conversations with the design team, creating a sense of camaraderie and transparency. Marci recalls the pleasure of meeting the team, including James Knight and Kalyn Kight making the entire process feel like a shared adventure.

Design Inspiration and Vision:

Marci's vision for her dream home is a unique blend of outdoor elements, incorporating a creek, treehouse, and a non-traditional outdoor area. Inspired by her travels, Marci aims to merge the beauty of mountains, rocks, water, and hiking into the design. Inspired by her son, the unexpected addition of a Hobbit house theme adds a touch of whimsy and personalization to the project.

Communication and Collaboration:

A critical element that Marci praises is the communication platform provided by Reynard. The accessibility and openness of the platform allow for effective collaboration with the entire family. Marci acknowledges the importance of including her young adult children in the process, creating a sense of shared ownership and making the journey a family affair.

Airel view of Marci's family home under construction in Talking Rock, GA. Designed by Reynard Custom Homes.

Overcoming Challenges:

Reflecting on the challenges faced, Marci mentions the initial overwhelm from the many decisions involved in the home-building process. However, she credits the team's anticipation and guidance in addressing challenges related to the order of tasks, such as soil tests, landscape considerations, and builder selection. The support provided by Jack Baldwin in connecting Marci with a reliable builder who aligned with the architectural design process played a crucial role in overcoming challenges.

Lessons Learned and Valuable Advice:

As someone who has navigated the design process, Marci imparts valuable advice for those considering a similar journey. Trusting the design process, bringing in a builder early to gain cost insights, and maintaining flexibility with timelines are critical lessons learned. Marci encourages future homeowners to embrace the entire process, savoring each unique phase and being open to the unexpected.



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