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  • Writer's pictureJack Baldwin

Does everybody have to like you?

I mean Led Zeppelin didn't write tunes everybody liked.They left that to the Bee Gees. - Wayne Campbell (Wayne's World, 1992)

How do you measure success?

Creating something new in the world means no matter what you put out there some people will ""get it" and some people will not.

Some people will love it and some people will hate it.

Some people will believe in what you stand for and fight with you and some people will fight against you.

Decide what your core values are before you design and define success on your terms. The only way to create something unique and beautiful in the world is to develop a vision connected to your value, believe in it enough to find the other dreamers, and work to produce what you set out to put forth in the world.

Your reason for doing things has to be reason enough. If that reason doesn't come from a place of true heart and is more about making sure people like you, disappointment awaits.

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