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Hugs for Hudson

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Reynard Custom Homes recently took on a second project with Sunshine on a Ranney Day that I'm excited to share with you.

Meg Riley, our lead interior designer, undertook a project to provide Hudson Carver and his family (Talking Rock, GA) with a bedroom and therapy room makeover. This project was initiated to make Hudson's life easier and more comfortable as he continues his treatment and therapy for Gaucher's Disease.

Reynard Custom Homes, in partnership with Sunshine on a Ranney Day provided a dream room make over for Hudson Carver of Talking Rock, GA

Hudson's specific needs we hoped our design would address:

  • An easy-to-maintain/clean space that can be enjoyed by Hudson, his brother and sister, and his parents, as well as the nurses who assist him 24/7.

  • A wider bedroom door to provide wheelchair access.

  • Sleeping accommodations for nurses and family members that need to be available throughout the night.

  • A ball pit for Hudson to be able to "dive" and play.

  • A built-in climbing wall for Hudson and his siblings.

  • Incorporation of his love of sports (mainly football) into his rooms' design, look and feel.

Our team at Reynard Custom Homes understood the financial strain that medical expenses can bring to families. In partnership with Sunshine on a Ranney Day, we decided to provide Hudson's family with a redesigned and remade space to help with his medical needs and provide him with a safe and comfortable place to rest and play.

Meg spent time at Hudson's home to better understand his needs and to create a design plan that would meet those needs. The team worked closely with Hudson's family to ensure the design was inclusive and collaborative for all family members, especially his siblings.

The bedroom and therapy room makeovers were designed with functionality and style in mind. Hudson's room was designed to be spacious, comfortable, safe, and allow flow while still complementing the rest of the house. The therapy room was designed to meet Hudson's specific medical needs and provide him with a place to receive treatment in the comfort of his own home.

Meg took great care in choosing every room detail, including the furniture, colors, and accessories. The result was a beautiful, functional, safe space for Hudson to thrive.



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