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Why should you include landscape design with your custom home?

When designing your custom home, it's essential not to overlook the significant role landscape design plays in your home's construction budget, quality of life, and aesthetics.

Sunset over a pool in the back yard. Covered pool deck, pool patio, trees, sky with sunset and pool deck. Landscape Design by Daniel Galyas of Reynard Custom Homes

Quality of Life: Getting what you want most out of your home.

Proper landscape design can incorporate added recreational benefits to your home that can affect the home's value and quality of life.

Adding an outdoor fire pit, a hot tub, or a lovely stone patio or courtyard to your design can increase the appeal and provide enjoyment for hosting private in-home events.

Overhead image of a custom home with a backyard, stone pathway, gravel walkway, stone courtyard, wooden fence, garden and backyard. Landscape design by Daniel Galyas of Reynard Custom Homes.

If lawn care is a concern, selecting the right sod or seed for your lawn will allow you to know what to expect for maintenance and care. A landscape designer will also assist you with a maintenance plan for all selected lawns and vegetation that will work with your lifestyle.

Pest management programs like an IPM (IPM Integrated Pest Management of Landscape) are a strategy or program widely used in both pest control and landscape industries. Landscape IPM prevents and eliminates pest issues related to plant material, using environmentally and economically sustainable methods to select vegetation that can keep unwanted garden visitors away from your home.

Budgeting: Think economically about the design.

A passive design approach can reduce heating/cooling costs. Specifying and locating plant life and vegetation can provide shade in certain areas. Also, selected trees and shrubs can aid in erosion control and preserve the integrity of your home site for years to come.

Scaled drawing of a landscape design for the backyard of a custom home with a pool, patio, trees, shrubs, flowers, and lawn. Designed by Daniel Galyas of Reynard Custom Homes.

Your GC's job is to line up and oversee your home's construction rather than to select and install vegetation and landscape solutions. Working closely with your landscape designer will also allow you to make specifications and selections for your garden and outdoor living space that work within your stated budget. If you leave all landscape, vegetation, and hardscape selections to your general contractor, delays will ensue, and costs will rise.

Design - Style, aesthetics, enjoyment

When you include design in the game plan for your custom home from the beginning, it's easier to stay within your stated budget from the start and create a stylistic technique that works well with the other elements of your home. A landscape designer can blend your tastes and preferences into the look and feel of your outdoor space and create a cohesive solution that compliments the architecture and interior design motifs of your custom home.

Pool with waterfall. Backyard with wooden fence, gravel pathway, blue flowers, trees, back porch, stone path and hardscape. Landscape designed by Daniel Galyas of Reynard Custom Homes



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