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Meet Lead Architectural Designer James Knight

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Text by Bethany Keeling

Meet James Knight, the lead designer of Reynard Architectural Designs. Born and raised in New South Wales, Australia, James has always had a love for and interest in design. After meeting co-partners Jack Baldwin and Kalyn Kight, he found his home at Reynard Architectural Designs in 2020.

Growing up in a family of designers, James found that his love for drawing and creating came naturally. A specific memory that sparked his interest in architecture was of a teacher taking notice of his artistic abilities and encouraging him to make his talent a career.

After high school, James traveled before he began pursuing his undergraduate degree in architecture in Newcastle. While in undergraduate studies, he met and collaborated with many designers and mentors.

In 2014, he decided to continue his studies at the University of Sydney and completed his master’s degree in 2016. Once completing his education, he sought new opportunities by traveling to new places to meet and work with other architectural professionals.

James’ adventures ultimately led him to the United States, where he landed in Atlanta, Georgia. His aunt, an interior designer based in Georgia and North Carolina, was a significant reason he ended up in Georgia.

While residing in Atlanta, he met Jack Baldwin and Kalyn Kight while working at Baldwin Architectural Group, completing many challenging commercial architectural jobs. The trio was inspired to create Reynard Architectural Designs after being approached to work together on a client’s request for their dream home. Reynard was founded in 2020 and has worked diligently with clients on creating and designing their dream residential exteriors and interiors.

The rise and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and Reynard’s first year in business happened concurrently. James eventually returned to Australia, continuing his work from New South Wales.

One of James’ favorite jobs at Reynard thus far was a townhouse in Brookhaven, a small suburb north of Atlanta. The project was an update of an abandoned multi-unit home. It required a large team of people to come together and create a modern feel in an upscale neighborhood.

Built in Brookhaven, GA, these twin attached luxury townhomes are custom home designed by James Knight of Reynard Architectural Designs
Brookhaven, GA -Twin Luxury Townhome

James was also fond of a modern farmhouse he designed with a client in Manchester, GA. The client came prepared with inspiration images and a clear concept for the home. When construction was complete in 2022, the results were what the client was after; an operating barn that executes on style and function.

James drew inspiration from those who helped him through his career. He highly values discussions with his mentors and the possibility of expanding ideas or learning something new, making design a never-ending creative outlet. He finds the most rewarding in his career when working and engaging with clients and having the ability to make the client’s vision become a reality.

James has always loved working on custom homes. Partnering with the clients at Reynard Architectural Designs has given him a unique opportunity to share new ideas with clients and bring their styles to life.



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