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Home is Where Life Happens

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Home is where we have the space to dream, create, and inspire. It's where we gather, relax, play, work, cook, eat and sleep. It's the same place we reconnect with our loved ones and disconnect from the world.

Creating a dwelling place that accommodates each of our unique ways of living is an ongoing and, at times, daunting endeavor.

We founded Reynard Architectural Designs so that our team could embark on that endeavor with our clients and give life to their distinct version of "home."

Our mission is to "BRING HOME TO LIFE." We do this first by listening to our client's ideas. Then we gather images, walk around together, take pictures, draw sketch after sketch, ask questions, and continue to listen.

Before long, something that was once just a dream becomes a place that is more than just a building. It's a home that holds all the things our clients treasure the most.


At Reynard Architectural Designs we love to dream, create and collaborate in order BRING HOME TO LIFE

DREAM- It all starts with an idea. A spark. As an architectural design firm, we love hearing about our clients’ dreams for their home. Visualizing and story telling together with our clients to create home is an inspiring and joyful experience for us.

CREATE HOME- The opportunity to turn ideas into tangible, livable spaces called “home” is something we celebrate as we look for creative ways to ensure each home meets our clients’ budget, style and function. We constantly seek out opportunities to create home in every part of the world for every person we can serve.

DESIGN TOGETHER- Design is a team sport. We enjoy collaborating together to create solutions that can be celebrated and relished by each and every partner.


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