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Reynard Custom Homes
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Our Mission Statement - Reynard Custom Home Design

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Reynard Custom Homes' mission is...

To collaborate with our clients and create unique homes that last a lifetime.

As we take on custom home design projects,

our team works tirelessly to transform our clients' dreams into reality by guiding them through a process that helps us understand;

  • DESIGN - stylistic taste and inspiration

  • FUNCTION - practical needs for daily living

  • BUDGET - creating a home that is within reach

Our Vision

We believe the world around us is full of purpose, creativity, and fun.

Through custom home design, our aim is to bring as many inspired living spaces into existence as possible. We hope to bring a spirit of curiosity, counsel, and adventure to every project we take on with our clients and partners.

custom home in Cherry Log, GA, designed by James Knight of Reynard Custom Homes. This unique residence embodies a harmonious blend of modern and rustic elements, reminiscent of a cozy tree house nestled amidst the breathtaking mountains. The home boasts an inviting and warm atmosphere, with its distinctive architecture and natural materials. Its scenic location provides awe-inspiring views of the surrounding mountains, creating a serene and tranquil living environment



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