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Owning the Process - How To Be Your Own General Contractor

Please join us!

Owning the Process - "How To Be Your Own General Contractor" On your custom home design/build.   Free Webinar, Wed. Dec 6th, 2024 at 10am.   Register here to attend  Reynard Custom Homes

This Wednesday (Dec 4, 2024) at 10am EST I will be hosting a live webinar with one of our clients who designed and built their home as their own General Contractor.

My friend Paul will join us to tell the stories of what he learned along the way and help you get your custom home designed and built your way.

Whether you're interested in the being your own General Contractor or not, this webinar will provide some valuable insight into the process of what goes into designing and building your own home on your property.

See you there!


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