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STANDARD - Brookhvaven, GA

Twin luxury contemporary semi-attached town homes in Brookhaven, GA. Built in 2021.

Custom Home on Standard Drive in Brookhaven, GA designed by James Knight of Reynard Custom Homes







.5 acres

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STANDARD - Brookhaven, GA

Nestled in the heart of Brookhaven, Georgia, sits a pair of luxurious semi-attached twin townhomes designed by James Knight of Reynard Custom Homes. Completed in 2021, this stunning home, designed using the Standard Dr floor plan, offers a harmonious blend of elegance, innovation, and functionality. This residence exemplifies the epitome of modern living with a total heated square footage of 4,285 and thoughtful features.

Square Footage Breakdown:

The three-story residence boasts a total heated square footage of 4,285, distributed across its well-designed floors. The first floor, spanning 1,260 square feet, sets the stage for communal living and entertainment. The second and third floors, measuring 1,170 and 1,200 square feet, respectively, provide ample space for private retreats. Additionally, an in-law apartment, spanning 655 square feet, offers flexibility and accommodation for extended family or guests.


With five bedrooms and four full bathrooms, this home is designed to meet the needs of a growing family. A well-appointed powder room adds convenience and practicality to daily living.

Foundation Type:

Built on a standard slab foundation, the home ensures stability and durability. The thoughtful choice of foundation aligns with contemporary construction practices, guaranteeing a solid base for years.

Exterior Walls:

The exterior of this residence exudes timeless charm, with brick cladding on 2x6 studs. This classic choice enhances the home's aesthetic appeal and provides durability and insulation, creating a comfortable living environment year-round.


The home boasts a spacious layout with a width of 38 feet, a depth of 100 feet, and a maximum ridge height from the finished first floor of 40 feet. These dimensions contribute to the residence's grandeur, creating an impressive facade that harmonizes with Brookhaven's upscale ambiance.


The semi-attached garage, covering an area of 1,100 square feet, accommodates up to four cars. Strategically located on the side, the garage seamlessly integrates into the design, ensuring convenience without compromising the home's aesthetic appeal.

Ceiling Heights and Roof Details:

The home's interior is graced with lofty ceilings, with the first and second floors featuring 10-foot ceilings and the third floor maintaining a comfortable 9-foot height. The roof, with a main pitch of 4 on 12, adds architectural interest while providing efficient water runoff.

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