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Griffin's Room Makeover

This energetic 11 year old got his dream bedroom


Griffin was born at full term without  any health problems. Early on, he met all of his developmental  milestones and even did some things early.  Within the first week of  birth, Griffin was holding his head up and looking around as well as  rolling over.

Griffin’s family started noticing  around 18-24 months that things had started to change for Griffin  developmentally. Griffin’s eye contact and vocabulary had decreased and  you could see a disconnect when he was around other children his age.   Griffin was so young which made it challenging to diagnose.  It was  puzzling to see that Griffin’s vocabulary was advanced but his  communication was far behind.  Shortly after Griffin turned three his  family started the process of testing for Autism which was the eventual  diagnosis.  Griffin’s young age made it difficult to really know what  this meant for Griffin long-term.  Griffin receives speech and  occupational therapy and most importantly interaction with other  children not on the spectrum which has benefited him more than any other  therapies.

Present-day, Griffin is thriving! He  always makes people laugh and has such a fun personality. Griffin has  developed a love for art and one of his favorite hobbies is drawing.   Griffin’s life has inspired some amazing things to happen. Griffin’s  dad, Michael, works in law enforcement and created a program where  officers visit special needs children at school and become their friend  first. They teach the kids that officers are there to help and how to  properly act with law enforcement and to not be afraid.  Griffin and his  mom have a social media platform where they share about products,  events, and places that are Autism friendly.  Griffin’s family continues  to raise awareness and shine a positive light on Autism and they are  grateful for everyone who has been a part of the journey!

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