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Farah Ahmad is an Architect on a Mission for Sustainability

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Text and Podcast Interview by: Jack Baldwin of Reynard Architectural Designs

Farah is a New York based architect specializing in green buildings technical standards development, project sustainability compliance review. She also specializes in building energy code, local law, LEED certification and other green building standards.

I was first drawn to a conversation with Farah Naz Ahmad because of her passion for sustainability as well as her impressive participation in the architecture, built environment, energy and local government communities.

During my interview with Farah for By Design, we discussed her career, inspiration, and what's she doing on behalf of sustainability in the world of architecture. In her pursuit of her mission, Farah has already cultivated an impressive resume at a young age.

Farah Ahmad interviewed by Jack Baldwin of Reynard Architectural Designs for the By Design podcast. They discuss sustainability, green building codes, architecture, and local government

Today, she does meaningful work at the local government level in New York and advocates for green initiatives in architectural building codes. She is a well-published and gifted architect who cares deeply about improving her community, developing renewable energy, and green building initiatives.

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You can connect with Farah on her personal page and find resources on how to become educated about green building initiatives and energy efficiency. Follow Farah on Twitter and Instagram



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